Welcome to Log

Ever want to remember when the last time something happened? Or keep track of how much time you spend in one place?

  • Completely offline

    Data is only stored on the phone and never goes anywhere.

  • Free for one stream

    Unlock full unlimited data streams with an in-app purchase.

  • Dark Mode

    Supports dark mode in the latest OS versions.

  • Functional Design

    Clear layout with easy to read buttons and actions.

  • Easy to Use

    Simple screens make sure you'll be logging data quickly.

Advanced Features

Use the data tracking tools to review trends and values.

  • Graph your data

    Instantly see how your data trends over time.

  • Calculate averages

    Number inputs can be averaged across all available entries.

  • Count inputs

    Quickly see how often you're tracking.

  • Supports many data types

    Enter data as numbers, text, dates and more.

  • Export data

    Save a CSV file to your device for later processing.

  • Easy to get support

    Use the convenience links to rate the app, send issues and more.

How It Works

Use streams and properties to configure the tracking you want.

Start by creating a Stream and giving it a name. This will collect the different entries you make over time.

Next begin adding properties to the stream by selecting from the list and configuring the related options. Start with a simple number and then related text or a money value.

Available options

  • Select from date, time, numbers, money and text to configure the stream that works best.

  • Select from additional options to make entering data easier, like using a start and stop value to prevent having to calculate the difference yourself.

  • Also choose from ongoing math helpers like a running total, overall total or calculate the difference between the previous entry.

  • Example use cases include counting trips to the gym, tracking hours on a boat or seeing just how often you go out for dinner.

App Screenshots

See for yourself how Log can help.


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